A truck with a telescopic crane delivers packages containing a wood (fir) block house, a pre-cut wooden house which is assembled on-siteBoom Truck A operators operate and maintain truck mounted crane devices that can be mounted on a turret, incorporate a power drum and wire rope, have a boom capable of swinging and booming up and down, and may have a telescopic or articulating boom.  They can operate boom trucks over 15.5 tons, and are certified to operate Boom Truck B.



What do Mobile Crane Operators do on the job?

  • Operate boom trucks to lift, move, position or place equipment and materials.
  • Perform pre-operational inspection, and calculate crane capacities and weight to prepare for rigging and hoisting.
  • May be responsible for the assembly of boom trucks on site.
  • Perform routine maintenance work, such as cleaning and lubricating cranes.