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Welcome New Apprentices


Remember, to be eligible for apprenticeship training, you must be employed in the trade. Once you are employed, you and your employer submit the following to the SATCC:

  • Your grade twelve transcript (with no modified classes) or GED 12 is your guarantee that you meet the educational entrance requirements for apprenticeship in Saskatchewan. Learn more about What are the Entrance Requirements Training?

The SATCC works hard to ensure that people find success in the apprenticeship program by accessing IXL Learning. Through computer-based online learning, it helps people to update their literacy and math skills. People will be referred to IXL Learning by the SATCC’s Assessment Unit. Most commonly, clients who do not have the necessary entrance requirements, or need to upgrade various skills during technical training will be referred to the program.

IXL Learning’s skills are aligned to the Saskatchewan Curriculum Outcomes providing comprehensive coverage of Math and English Language Arts concepts and applications. Clients taking the Entrance Requirements Training will have six (6) months to complete the training, and must meet the required score in each learning outcome. Once complete, and if all other admission requirements have been met, the client will be notified that they qualify to move forward with apprenticeship. Access to this program will be provided for a fee of $25 effective October 1, 2016.


As an apprentice, you will spend approximately 85% of your time working on the job, learning the knowledge and skills associated with a trade from a certified journeyperson. The remaining time is spent in theoretical and technical in-school training, which reinforces and expands upon what you have learned on the job.

It is your responsibility to:

  • know what is involved in your trade; learn; apply skill; work diligently for your employer.
  • self-register for technical training in MyATC when you’ve met the required number of hours for your trade
  • submit your trade time experience through MyATC every few months
  • advise the SATCC if you:
  • have a change of address
  • work for a different employer – when you begin working for a new employer, you must complete a new Apprenticeship Application on MyATC.

If you required math upgrading, please see: Online Math Upgrading

If you require someone other than yourself to receive information regarding your apprenticeship, please fill out the Consent to Release Personal Information

For more information:

  • Click on your trade under the Designated Trades section to review your trade-related information, such as:
  • Trade Information
  • A Guide to Course Content
  • On-the-Job Training Guide
  • Level Examination information
  • Interprovincial Journeyperson Examination information
  • Review Support Programs
  • The Skilled Trades Network is a national centralized resource and community for employers and apprentices in the skilled trades. Access information about training programs and financial supports. Obtain practical tips and strategies, network and share your experiences with others.

saskatchewan youth apprenticeship (sya)

The Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) program gives high school students the opportunity to learn more about skilled trades career pathways and gain a head start on their skilled trades career, should they register as an apprentice after graduation.
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