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What is SYA?

SYA stands for Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship. It is a program taken by students in Grades 10 through 12 to raise awareness of apprenticeship and help young people discover the rewards of working in the skilled trades.

What is the purpose of SYA? 

The purpose of SYA is to introduce students to apprenticeship and the certification process. It creates awareness of apprenticeship programs and the opportunities available in the skilled trades.

Would a high school student who is already in Grade 12 have enough time to complete the SYA program?

Ideally, high school students should register in the SYA program in Grade 10, as the program takes approximately 10 to 12 hours to complete (excluding work experience and PAA credits). However, with some hard work and dedication, a student in Grade 12 could certainly complete the SYA program before graduation.

What is the process to register a high school student in the SYA program?

Students who are enrolled in a school that is already participating in the program must fill out an SYA Contract and either scan and email it to or submit it electronically through

Can all Saskatchewan high schools participate in the SYA program?

Yes. Even though some high schools may have limited resources, every high school student can complete the SYA program. There must be an SYA Champion (a teacher, administrator, guidance counsellor, educational assistant, parent, etc.) who is responsible for taking care of administrative details, answering questions, signing off on completed challenges and requesting SYA certificates shortly before graduation for students completing the program.

When do schools get SYA certificates? 

SYA Champions should submit completed SYA tracking sheets once all SYA levels have been completed and 4-6 weeks prior to Grade 12 graduation.

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