As a tradesperson, there are five steps to apply to have your skills assessed in order to be allowed to challenge the Journeyperson exam.

Step 1

Apply for Assessment by completing the application Form 7 and provide evidence of your trade experience with the appropriate Form 6A for your trade. Pay the fees as noted

Step 2

Evidence Requirements: Supply credentials and transcripts, employer letters, and self-employment information (e.g. Business License). If you are former Canadian Military Personnel, please read.

Step 3

Verification process:  The SATCC Assessment Unit completes the assessment process. Verification of hours, dates and tasks performed will be completed for each employer Form 6A submitted.

Step 4

Results Letter:  The SATCC Assessment Unit sends the applicant a letter with the results.

  • The results will indicate one of three outcomes – approved to challenge the exam, not approved to challenge the exam, or more information needed.
  • NOTE: The Results Letter IS NOT a Certificate of Qualification. It is only the results of the assessment.
  • Mandatory or voluntary upgrader information will be provided, if applicable.

Step 5

Apply for Examination:  Once approved, apply to challenge the Journeyperson exam.


The following flow chart illustrates the Trade Qualifier Application Process at a glance.