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Domestic Application Process

As a tradesperson, there are five steps to apply to have your skills assessed in order to be allowed to challenge the Journeyperson exam.


Apply for Assessment by completing the Trade Qualifier application through your MyATC account. For further help with the Trade Qualifier application, visit the MyATC Knowledge Centre. In the application, provide evidence of your trade experience with the appropriate Form 6A for your trade. Pay the fees as noted.



Evidence Requirements: Supply credentials and transcripts, employer letters, and self-employment information (e.g. Business License) in your Trade Qualifier application though MyATC. You will need these prior to submitting your application. If you are former Canadian Military Personnel, please read.



Verification process: The SATCC Assessment Unit completes the assessment process. Verification of hours, dates and tasks performed will be completed for each employer Form 6A submitted.


Results Letter: The SATCC Assessment Unit sends the applicant a letter with the results.

  • The results will indicate one of three outcomes – approved to challenge the exam, not approved to challenge the exam, or more information needed.
  • NOTE: The Results Letter IS NOT a Certificate of Qualification. It is only the results of the assessment.
  • Mandatory or voluntary upgrader information will be provided, if applicable.

Apply for Examination: Once approved, apply to challenge the Journeyperson exam. You will register for your exam through your MyATC account.

The following flow chart illustrates the Trade Qualifier Application Process at a glance.

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The Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship (SYA) program gives high school students the opportunity to learn more about skilled trades career pathways and gain a head start on their skilled trades career, should they register as an apprentice after graduation.
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