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Designated Trades

There are over 40 designated trades and subtrades in Saskatchewan. They fall into four sectors – Agriculture, Tourism & Service; Construction; Motive Repair; and Production and Maintenance. Each trade page includes information about on-the-job training, as well as technical training, exams, and more.


Applications & Exam Forms

Please visit this webpage to ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of our forms. All of the application forms to apply for apprenticeship, exams or upgrading can be found here. You can also find more information on fees, the examination schedule, and more.


Technical Training

About 15% of an apprentice’s learning takes place in technical training. Here you can find the technical training schedule, tuition fees, and apprentice code book requirements. All of the information you need before attending technical training is also provided here for you.



4 weeks ago

Sask Apprenticeship

From everyone here at the SATCC, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to bring in 2019! ❄️

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1 month ago

Sask Apprenticeship

Exciting news for women in the skilled trades! To read more, follow the link below:

#womenintrades #skilledtrades #journeyperson
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Pretty discriminatory and sexist. So guys get nothing at all. Real nice to see. Wonder how many women enjoy working outside all day in winter. Us guy do all the time. But hey let's give women funding over men.

So only women who have passed 1st and/or 2nd year get the grant but 3rd or 4th year levels don’t?

Alyscia Keil

Sarah Anne

Blanche Walker

Irene Rau

Whitney Dixon

Deanne Closson this is you!

Mitch Chabot

Lauren Piller...

Never mind apparently cook doesn’t qualify 😡

This may be sexist, but not a bad idea

Chantelle Delorme

3rd and 4th levels don’t?

thanks Lacey! Remy Gilbertson check it out

That’s sucks for those who completed just a year ago and achieved a red seal ticket. 🙄🙄

Damon Brown, does Tiff qualify for this?

Dorothy Gunderson Alex Zbitniff

Any of the Females in These Trades Need Not Apply: -Baker -Cook -Hairstylist -Landscaper -Parts Person 🧐😖

Why not Cook?

Ecko Swain.

Umesh Bagga

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1 month ago

Sask Apprenticeship

This right here is what excitement looks like at the SATCC: 225 SYA contracts entered these past couple of weeks and around 540 since November! 😊

Students: those wanting to join the club and register for the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship program can do so online using the following link:

Thank YOU students for taking an awesome step towards your future in a designated skilled trade! 👍

#skapprentice #skilledtrades #journeyperson
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Morgan Labrecque Mick Schwartzenberger Kody White i bet 150 those are electricians cause you guys don’t have enough already lol


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