Sprinkler Fitter

Scott Brown Compulsory Trade, Construction Sector, Red Seal


Sprinkler Fitter

Sprinkler Fitters install, test and repair fixed fire suppression systems.

What do Sprinkler Fitters do?

  • Read and interpret drawings, blueprints and specifications to determine layout requirements.
  • Install clamps, brackets and hangers to support piping system and sprinkler and fire protection equipment, using hand and power tools.
  • Select, measure, cut, ream and thread pipe, install sprinkler heads and mount prepared pipe in supports.
  • Join pipes and piping system to water mains, supply tanks, pumps, compressors and control equipment.
  • Install, service and repair valves, alarms and associated equipment.

For further details about this occupation, please see the High School to Apprenticeship Handbook, or find it on this website under “Resources.”