Automotive Service Technician

Nelson Motive Repair Sector, Red Seal


Automotive Service Technician

Automotive Service Technicians diagnose service, repair and replace all parts of automobiles, light trucks and light buses, except for body repair and repainting.

What do Automotive Service Technicians do on the job?

  • Review work orders and discuss work with supervisor.
  • Inspect motor in operation, road test motor vehicle, and test automotive systems and components using computerized diagnostic and other testing devices.
  • Adjust, repair or replace parts and components of automotive systems using hand tools and other specialized automotive repair equipment.
  • Advise customers on work performed, general vehicle conditions and future repair requirements.

For further details about this occupation, please see the High School to Apprenticeship Handbook, or find it on this website under “Resources.”

Having strong Essential Skills such as reading, writing, document use and thinking can help apprentices succeed in their training and in the workplace. A series of tools have been developed to support apprentices in understanding, assessing and improving their essential skills. These tools can be used independently or with the assistance of a tradesperson, trainer, employer, teacher or mentor.