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Due to harmonization, as well as some operational changes, the SATCC has recently updated the Commission Regulations.

The updates are as follows:

• Mobile Crane Operator (Hydraulic) has been de-designated, and is now part of the Mobile Crane Operator trade.

• The Lattice Boom subtrade of Mobile Crane Operator has been de-designated as it is no longer relevant due to changes in equipment.

• The Tower Crane Operator trade will see a reduction in the number of years required.

• The trade name of Drywall and Acoustical Mechanic has changed to Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic).

• The trade name of Sprinkler System Installer is now Sprinkler Fitter.

• The Landscape Horticulturist trade hour requirements have changed.

•The Scaffolder subtrade hour requirements have changed.

To view the updated Regulations, please see our Acts & Regulations Page.