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Students register themselves in the SYA program through MyATC. They will require a Saskatchewan Account and then select MyATC as a service to connect to their account. Once the student is in MyATC, they can register as a Youth Apprentice.

  1. Begin by visiting the MyATC page here: 
  2. Click the Register button on the Apprentice side of the login page.
  3. You'll be taken to the Saskatchewan Accounts page. If you already have credentials, log in. If you do not, create a new individual account.
    • Watch this video for help on how to create an individual account.
    • Please use a personal email address rather than a school-issued email address. This account will be linked to you beyond high school.
  4. Once logged into your Saskatchewan Account, access My Services and link MyATC from the menu.
  5. After linking the service, click the "use service" button.
  6. Follow through to the following sections:
    1. Accept Terms of Use
    2. Check prerequisites
      • unless you were issued a PIN in the mail, choose "no" for the first part of this section.
    3. Notification Settings
    4. Start Application
  7. Select "View MyATC" under Tasks.
  8. Once in MyATC, select "Browse Service Catalogue" on the home page.
  9. Select the "SYA Application" tile.
  10. Complete the form and hit submit. Your SYA Champion will receive a notification for pending approval.

For more information contact the SYA Coordinator at [email protected].