For information on Registration & Training for this trade contact;
Registrar, Apprenticeship Manitoba – (204) 945-4647

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Technicians maintain, replace and repair all components of all types of aircraft, perform scheduled inspections, and check avionic systems.

What do Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Technicians do on the job?
  • Troubleshoot aircraft structural, mechanical or hydraulic systems to identify problems and adjust and repair systems according to specifications, technical drawings, manuals and established procedures.
  • Install or modify aircraft engines, mechanical, hydraulic, flight control, fuel and pneumatic systems.
  • Dismantle airframes, aircraft engines or other aircraft systems for repair, overhaul and cleaning, and reassemble.
  • Perform and document routine maintenance.

For further details about this occupation, please see the High School to Apprenticeship handbook, or find it on this website under “Resources.”