Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission Named One of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers For 2024

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The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) has been recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc. for the sixth year in a row.

For SATCC, having passionate employees that can see the impact they make is one of the keys to building and retaining a great team. “We are one of those organizations that are truly blessed in the ability to make a difference in people’s lives,” says CEO Jeff Ritter. “Every person in our organization recognizes they are either helping a client directly or supporting a team member who is doing just that.”

SATCC staff at the Apprenticeship Dinner, 2023

Jolee Kambeitz, a registered psychologist with SATCC, echoes that statement.

Kambeitz is part of a team that works with apprentices who are struggling to complete their training and achieve journeyperson certification. Kambeitz’s role is to identify the underlying nature of the learning disability, and then work with the team to implement the supports required to help apprentices successfully complete their training.

“In many cases, people have struggled throughout their school years and not known why,” says Kambeitz. “They sometimes think they are just not up to the task. But the fact is they are. It’s about helping people understand their strengths and how they can harness those strengths to overcome the identified learning difficulties.”
In the most recent SATCC independent internal engagement survey, 89 per cent of employees agreed with the following statement: “I find my work fulfilling and I look forward to coming to work each day.”

“We’ve always had high engagement numbers, but that’s just a staggeringly high percentage and an all-time record for us,” says Ritter. “I think, in large part, it’s because we live our values and get to do meaningful work.”

The editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers rate organizations on a variety of factors including: physical workplace; work atmosphere; training and skills development, and community involvement.

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