2022-23 Apprenticeship Training Schedule

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Apprentices will soon be able to self-register for technical training in MyATC for the 2022-23 training year.

The 2022-23 training year runs July 1, 2022 until June 30, 2023.

The following outlines how the training schedule and courses for the year will be released:

  • Monday, April 4: Full 2022-23 training schedule posted to SATCC website
  • Monday, May 2 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 4 classes released in MyATC
  • Wednesday, May 4 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 3 classes released in MyATC
  • Monday, May 9 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 2 classes released in MyATC
  • Wednesday, May 11 at 12 a.m. (midnight): Level 1 classes released in MyATC

Apprentices and their employers/Joint Training Committees will not receive training notices from the SATCC inviting apprentices to attend training. Apprentices will be responsible for registering for any technical training they are eligible for. Technical training will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is the responsibility of apprentices and employers/Joint Training Committees to work together to determine mutually agreeable training times. When apprentices register for technical training, employers/Joint Training Committees will receive a notification via MyATC and be able to view the training apprentices have registered for.

Once classes are released in MyATC, they will remain open until they are either filled or cancelled due to lack of demand.

To self-register for training in the system, apprentices will need to have met the required hours of experience for their trade. Apprentices and employers/Joint Training Committees can find this information in the system by looking up their program cases in “My Items.”

To register for training, apprentices will click “Browse Service Catalog” once logged in to MyATC. On the MyATC Services page, they will choose the “Register for Training” tile and select their desired training session from the drop-down list. (The training apprentices are eligible for will auto-populate). Once the training session is selected, they will click “Submit.” From there, apprentices will be able to review their registration and pay for the course online. For more information on registering for training, please review the “Registering for Training” knowledge article in MyATC Client Knowledge.

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-877-363-0536.