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Apprentices will no longer be eligible for the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship, starting in 2019-20.

Moving forward, needs testing will be introduced for the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship. Since apprentices do not qualify for student loans, this means apprentices no longer qualify for the scholarship.

The Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship will continue to be administered as a universal benefit until June 7, 2019. Apprentices attending training after this date will be ineligible to receive it.

Fortunately, apprentices still have access to a number of financial supports, such as Employment Insurance; the Apprenticeship Training Allowance; and the federal Apprenticeship Grants and Loans.

If you have questions, please contact us at 1-877-363-0536 or [email protected].

Apprentices can also contact the Saskatchewan Student Loans Call Centre for more information. The Centre can be reached at 1-800-597-8278 or [email protected].