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Effective January 2019, Sprinkler Fitter will be designated as a compulsory trade in Saskatchewan – the first trade to be designated as compulsory in the province since 1988.

A Sprinkler Fitter Compulsory Taskforce, made up of industry representatives from across Saskatchewan, submitted an application demonstrating widespread support for this designation.

Those working in compulsory trades must be either apprentices or journeypersons. Compulsory designation means consistent training and supervision for apprentices working in the trade, which helps ensure both worker and consumer safety. Journeyperson certification demonstrates the knowledge and expertise of experienced tradespeople, and allows them to train the next generation of workers.

Individuals proving employment in the trade prior to the compulsory designation date, January 15, 2019, will be able to apply for a Certificate of Tradesperson’s Registration – also sometimes referred to as a Special Permit – to continue working in the trade. There will be a one-year “grace period” to apply for the certificate. In other words, from now until December 31, 2019, there is no cost to apply.

If tradespeople successfully demonstrate employment in the trade before the designation date, they will be able to continue working as Sprinkler Fitter tradespeople. Still, we encourage them to consider registering as apprentices – those with the necessary trade time can also apply to challenge the journeyperson certification exam.

Saskatchewan isn’t the only province where Sprinkler Fitter is designated as compulsory – it’s also a compulsory trade in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Now there are five compulsory trades in Saskatchewan: Construction Electrician, Plumber, Sheet Metal Worker, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, and Sprinkler Fitter.

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