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Roofer apprenticeship training is now available!

Training has been designed so that an apprentice does not have to leave the workplace. Rather, technical training is a combination of home study distance learning, a journeyperson / mentor signing off on practical competencies and invigilating quizzes, and worksite visit by an instructor.

Currently employed tradespeople can also register as apprentices, or challenge the journeyperson exam if they meet the requirements.

Why apprentice?

There are many financial incentives, including grants, tax incentives, and the opportunity to earn a higher wage.

Journeyperson certification shows that you have met the standard set by industry for your trade.

Journeyperson certification will provide other career opportunities in the trade or related trades.

Employers, why hire apprentices?

Tax credits and government grants make hiring an apprentice more affordable.

Training an apprentice makes good business sense.

Training an apprentice means a competitive advantage.

Training an apprentice means more productivity and fewer mistakes.

Hiring apprentices adds business capacity.

Journeyperson Certification is an advantage for employers, tradespeople, and consumers.

For more information, visit our Roofer Page or call 1-877-363-0536.