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It is important for Construction Electricians to remain up to date when the codes change. An free online course has been developed by SaskPower to provide a quick overview of the latest changes, currently of the 2015 Canadian Electrical Code and the 2015 Saskatchewan Interpretations booklet. Some major revisions were made in the 2015 CEC, including the expansion of arc-fault requirements in dwelling units, changes to Table 6 and Table 9 for conduit fill, and further changes to the termination temperature requirements in Rule 4-006. As well, the alternate methods of grounding and bonding on electrical services that were first presented in the 2012 Interpretations are now being enforced as mandatory requirements for the Province of Saskatchewan.

The current link to the course will always now be available through our Construction Electrician trade page, or on the Important Links page. You can also view it here: https://code101.thinkific.com/courses/2015-cec.