The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) is committed to protecting personal, confidential and third party information. All personal information is collected by the SATCC in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  

The  Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission’s  Privacy Policy outlines our roles and responsibilities regarding privacy.

What personal information does the SATCC collect?

Some examples of personal information the SATCC may collect are:

  • Contact information such as name, home address, phone number, email address, business contact information;
  • Demographic information such as age, gender, aboriginal ancestry;
  • Educational and training information; and
  • Social Insurance Number.

What does the SATCC do with my personal information?

In most cases the personal information we collect from you is used to deliver programs and services to you. The following are some examples of how the SATCC uses your personal information (note: the list is not intended to be comprehensive):

  • Your education and training information may be used to ensure you meet apprenticeship educational requirements or to grant you credit for previous training.
  • Verify your identity or program eligibility;
  • Send important notices about technical training, changes to our policies or correspondence regarding your apprenticeship;
  • For SATCC internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve the SATCC’s services and communications to apprentices;
  • Contact you regarding new services available from SATCC, including upcoming events or other relevant notifications; and/or
  • You may be asked to provide your opinion or feedback on various topics from time to time. Participation in these types of initiatives is voluntary and confidential.

Is my information ever given to anyone else?

The SATCC considers an individual’s information confidential. We do not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent unless disclosure is authorized by legislation or required by law. Any disclosure made is done so in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The SATCC does not sell or rent personal information to other organizations.

Your information may be disclosed to organizations contracted by the SATCC to provide services on behalf of the SATCC. Contractors must maintain and protect your information in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Canadian privacy legislation.

How does the SATCC protect my personal information?

The SATCC takes many precautions to protect your information against loss, theft and misuse. We also safeguard against unauthorized collection, access, disclosure, alternation and destruction. These measures include various forms of physical, technical and administrative precautions.

If you ever have concerns about the confidentiality or safeguarding of your personal information at the SATCC or would like to report a suspected privacy breach, you can do so by contacting the SATCC at:

Privacy and Access Officer
2140 Hamilton Street

Phone:  306-787-0123      Fax:  306-787-5859

How do I make sure my information is accurate and how long does the SATCC keep my information?

The SATCC relies on your assistance to help maintain the accuracy and completeness of your personal information. Your information is retained for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in the SATCC Privacy Policy unless a longer period is required or permitted by law.

How do I access my personal information at the SATCC?

If you have questions about your personal information or you would like access to your information you may contact the SATCC at 1-877-363-0536 or by email at


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