Living Away From Home Allowance – DELAYED PAYMENT

Cheques for the Living Away From Home Allowance will be delayed by approximately two (2) business days due to government-wide computer network issues.  If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-877-363-0536.

4 Comments on “Living Away From Home Allowance – DELAYED PAYMENT”

  1. Hello. My name Is Austin lockhart. I’m just getting in contact about a confirmation of enrolment that the apprenticeship loan people sent to my technical institute whether that is sask apprenticeship or sask polytechnic. Also wondering about my living away. My trade is plumbing level one.

    1. Hello, these are questions to be directed to your Training Coordinator, Dawn. I’ve advised her and she will contact you shortly. Thanks

  2. hello, Our employee, Kalum, is a second year apprentice at school right now, and he is not sure how this living away allowance works, The paperwork was filled out and sent in, but he did not receive any for the first year and he wants to know how and if he can for this second year?

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