1) Register a school in SYA:

    1. School Enrollment Request Form – Online Form or Printable Form
    2. Teacher’s Package – Grades 10-12

2) Currently Registered SYA schools:

    1. Register a student in the SYA program: Online Form or Printable Form
    2. Work with students to complete the 12 challenges:  SYA Passport
    3. Track students’ progress: SYA Student Enrolment Tracking Form
      – download in Excel and PDF or submit online
    4. Send tracking forms to the SATCC as proof of completion
    5. Request materials: SYA School Materials Request Form
    6. High School to Apprenticeship Credits

3) SYA Challenge Supports

    1. Apprenticeship Terminology List and Quiz
    2. Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC)