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Youth Apprenticeship Contract
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Indigenous Ancestry: Please check the appropriate category
Visible Minority: For the purpose of equity programs, visible minority persons are “persons, other than Indigenous people, who are people of colour”. For example, African, Chinese, Korean, or other background. Do you consider yourself to be a visible minority person?
Disability: Do you have a diagnosed disability as defined in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code? (e.g. learning disability, ADHD, intellectual disability, mental disorder, physical disability, epilepsy, paralysis, visual or hearing impairment, speech impairment)
The Youth Apprentice agrees:
  1. to follow the policies and procedures established for the Commission’s Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program.
  2. to meet the expectations of the school in the area of attendance, conduct and deportment; and
  3. to follow the policies and procedures contained in the Commission’s Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Program.
  4. to allow the Commission to disclose information respecting my participation in the Youth Apprenticeship Program for the purposes of providing verification of my certification; determining my eligibility for apprenticeship and certification programs in other jurisdictions; assisting inter-provincial labour mobility; program planning and labour market research.
Contract Agreed to by Youth Apprentice *
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