Those applying to write the Insulator or Powerline Technician Interprovincial Journeyperson written examination (as a tradesperson) must complete an upgrading course before their first attempt at the written examination.

Many trades have voluntary upgrading available.  Refer to the Designated Trades portion of our website for information regarding an available course in your trade.  Please note that some trades do not have an upgrading course available.

All examination applicants are allowed a maximum of four attempts to pass the written examination and if applicable a maximum of four attempts to pass the practical examination.  Please note that any apprentice that fails their written or practical examination on the final attempt will have their apprenticeship contract cancelled.

After a second or third written or practical examination failure, you must complete prescribed upgrading by the SATCC.

All applicants who fail their second or third attempts at an Interprovincial Examination must complete a – Form 4 – Application for Upgrading – and submit with the required fee.  Once received, your file will be forwarded to a SATCC Field Consultant.  He or she will review your file and prescribe for you upgrading.  A training plan will be created and a target date of completion will be set.  Once the prescribed upgrading is completed and you are ready to attempt your written or practical examination, submit a Form 2 – the application for examination –with the required examination fee.  You will be scheduled for the first available examination sitting nearest your preferred location.

Form 4 – Application for Upgrading

Form 2 – Application for Examination
(To be submitted on a second, third, fourth or Placement examination attempts in the same trade. See “Important Information Regarding Calculators.”)