First time applicants must submit a Form 7 – Trade Qualifier Application and a fee of $400. The Form 7 must be accompanied by Verification of Trade Experience – (Form 6A) form confirming their experience in the trade. Trade specific Form 6A can be found under each respective designated trade on this website. Tradespersons must verify “full time” in their trade in order to qualify for the certification examination.

After confirmation of full-time trade time, applicants may apply for the certification examination. Tradespersons taking a written or practical examination must complete a Form 2 – Application for Examination.

Compulsory Upgrading Trades: To be eligible for examination in the Insulator or Powerline Technician trades, tradespersons must successfully complete the prescribed upgrading training first.

Full-time for a trade is outlined in the regulations governing each trade.

Please refer to the 2020 Written Examination Schedule for locations and dates, and the designated trade for examination study information.

Apprentices and tradespersons have a maximum of four attempts at a written exam and four attempts at a practical exam (if applicable). If it is your third or fourth attempt at an exam, you must complete prescribed upgrading. Temporary Foreign Workers have two attempts to pass the written or practical examination.  Once you have received your Permanent Status, you may contact the SATCC to discuss any further attempts.

Form 2 – Application for Examination

See Important Information Regarding Calculators and Examination Protocols.

Form 7 – Trade Qualifier Application

Form 6A – Trade-specific Verification of Trade Experience can be found on the Designated Trades page.

2020 Written Examination Schedule

2020 Practical Examination Schedule

Information regarding written and practical examination breakdowns and a list of suggested study materials is located in the “Designated Trades” section of the website.