Important notice to employers

To ease scheduling conflicts within your organization, you have the option of discussing preferred training dates with your apprentices.  Please contact your Training Coordinator at the SATCC to discuss available options.

Important information for apprentices


Apprentices who have received a call for technical training must review the following:

As an apprentice, you may be eligible to receive Employment Insurance while attending apprenticeship technical training. Please read this Important Notice regarding Applying for Employment Insurance.

In addition, you may be eligible to receive an Apprenticeship Training Allowance providing:

  • You apply for, and are eligible to collect, Employment Insurance; are currently receiving Employment Insurance; or, are deemed a “Reachback” by Employment Insurance officials. (Reachback means you don’t have enough hours to start a new EI claim, but you have been on EI within the last three years.)
  • You are required to maintain a second residence at the location of training, at additional cost; and
  • Your home residence is 50 km or more away from the training location.

The rate for apprentices whose principal or secondary residence, for the purposes of attending technical training, is located in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District will receive $175 per week. In all other cases, $125 per week applies.

Please complete and return the form below if you are applying for an Apprenticeship Training Allowance  and want any additional exemptions other than the basic personal amount deducted. Please return the forms to the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship office.

  • Apprenticeship Training Allowance (ATA) Application – IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!! Depending on the browser you are using, you may be able to fill and sign the ATA form in directly, and then web submit it. For other browsers, you may need to download it first and save it to your own directory before filling it in, signing it and then web submitting it. Therefore, each browser may treat the form differently.  Also, if you are printing a hard copy  of this form, ensure you select “Fit to page” under your printer settings so that no information gets cut off.

Introduction to Technical Training 

On the first day of each level of technical training, apprentices will watch the following video. If you missed it or need a refresher, please view here.