Blue Seal Program

The Achievement in Business Competencies – Blue Seal Program is common to Saskatchewan and Alberta.  The Blue Seal Program is designed to meet three goals:

  • encourage journeypersons to continue to learn after they have achieved journeyperson status
  • encourage journeypersons to gain business skills
  • encourage entrepreneurship

The Blue Seal demonstrates that a journeyperson has successfully achieved a reasonable level of business education and knowledge of various business subject areas. The advantage of earning your Blue Seal is that you will develop valuable business and management knowledge to further your career in the skilled trades.

To receive the Blue Seal certificate, you must have earned a journeyperson certificate in a trade designated in Saskatchewan, and provide proof of completion of either:

An applicant must supply a copy of his or her journeyperson certificate and all transcriptions and certificates for the business courses. The application form (Form 3) and fee ($75) must be included.

Form 3 – Application for a Certificate