To be eligible for apprenticeship training you must be employed in the trade. Once you are employed, you and your employer can submit the Employer Application for Registration of Apprenticeship Contract (the current fee is $200.00).  After your application has been processed and approved, a training coordinator will schedule you in the first available technical training space.  Tuition is currently $105 per training week for most trades and the average level of technical training is about eight weeks ($840).  The rest of the time you should be working and learning on-the-job. Designated trades in Saskatchewan take from two to four years to complete.  Therefore, on average, you would be called to attend technical training once a year for eight weeks for four years. We do not keep lists of employers looking to hire apprentices.  It’s up to you to find a job in your chosen field.  These websites may be useful for you.

Some individuals apply to Saskatchewan Polytechnic or other training providers before becoming employed in order to take a pre-employment type course.  These courses usually assist people in finding initial employment in the trade they are interested in but if you can find a job without pre-employment that’s great.  The Apprenticeship Commission does not pay any costs associated with pre-employment courses.

Form 1 – Employer Application for Registration of Apprenticeship Contract (To be submitted with an apprenticeship contract:  Form A or Form B.)
Form A – Contract Between Apprentice and Employer
Form A – Powerline Technician Contract Between Apprentice and Employer
Form B  – Contract between Apprentice and Joint Training Committee
Form 6A – Trade-specific Verification of Trade Experience can be found on the Designated Trades page.

Fee Schedule– effective January 1, 2019
Tuition Fees – effective January 1, 2019
A Guide for Employers

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