Hybrid Carpenter Training

The Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC), in cooperation with SIAST, has developed Carpenter apprenticeship technical training programs that combine online theory learning with in-class practical training.  Registered apprentices now have the opportunity to participate in this training for Level 2 or for level 3.  Level 4 training will be available in 2015.

Hybrid programs allow apprentices to complete the self-paced theory training online from home through an evening/weekend instructor-supported online environment.  This will be followed by three weeks of full-time practical training at SIAST, currently at the Moose Jaw Palliser campus.

This allows apprentices to be at home or on the job longer than usual compared to the normal seven week apprenticeship in-school training.  Using this form of training, only three weeks will be required to actually attend training at SIAST.

Benefits include:

  • To Employers:  Individuals will be available for more work hours.
  • To Apprentices:  Individuals will be able to complete theory training near, or at home, which reduces time away from home and work.
  • To the Apprenticeship System:  The SATCC is attempting to become more cost effective by using a hybrid training approach, and allow for more capacity at training institutions.

Interested apprentices can contact their SATCC Carpenter Training Coordinator for more information.