1. Refer to the appropriate trade on the Designated Trades page for exam information and to determine if a trade qualifier has the required number of hours to challenge the Journeyperson Examination. Trades qualifiers must verify “full time” trade hours in their trade in order to qualify for the examination.
  2. For the first Examination attempt, the trade qualifier submits:
    1. Form 7 – Trade Qualifier Application
    2. Form 6A – one for each place of employment currently and previously worked
    3. Any copies of trade specific transcripts or certificates, if applicable
    4. Processing fee – See Form 7 for all trades
  3. In the Insulator (Heat and Frost), and Powerline Technician trades, trade qualifiers must complete prescribed upgrading training. Some trades have voluntary upgrading available. Refer to the Designated Trades page for information regarding an available course in the applicable trade. Please note that not all trades have an upgrading course available.
    1. To apply for upgrading, the trade qualifier must check the upgrading box on the Form 7 – Trade Qualifier Application. Once upgrading is successfully completed, he or she will be scheduled to write the Journeyperson Examination on the next available examination date.