1. Hire an employee. Tradespeople can work without apprenticing in over 40 of the designated trades and sub-trades. In the five compulsory trades of construction electrician, plumber, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic, sheet metal worker and sprinkler fitter, employees can work no more than six months or 900 hours before they must be registered as an apprentice. For the Hairstylist trade, only those that hold a valid learners certificate or a journeyperson certificate can work in this trade.

2. Indenture the employee as an apprentice by signing and submitting:

a. Form 1 – Employer Application for Registration of Apprenticeship Contract
b. One of the following:
i. Form A – Contract between Apprentice and Employer
ii. Form B – Contract between Apprentice and Joint Training Committee
iii. Form A (2) – Powerline Technician Contract between Apprentice and Employer
c. Form 6A – Trade-specific Verification of Trade Experience. Find through the applicable Designated Trade.
d. Please refer to the fee schedule.
     Note: Any apprentice who has completed the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship program does not have to pay this fee.
e. Obtain and submit a copy of the high school transcript and transcript for any technical training completed.

3. Provide on-the-job training to your apprentice in all areas of the trade to the extent that the facilities and working conditions of your business allow.

4. Verify the apprentice’s trade time by signing Form 6As – trade-specific forms can be found through the Designated Trades. The Form 6As must be completed twice per year.

5. Allow the apprentice to attend technical training and write examinations as required.

6. Following the final level of technical training, the apprentice will write the Trade Certification Examination. See the trade specific Designated Trades page regarding examination study information.

7. Pay the apprentice’s wages while the apprentice is on the job.

8. In Red Seal trades, claim the Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit on your Income Tax Return.

For more information, see: What is Apprenticeship? and Entrance Requirement for Apprenticeship Training