Apprenticeship is a demand-driven system. An employer hires an apprentice, and they sign a contract of apprenticeship with one another. Together, they then register with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC).

As the key trainer of an apprentice, employers play a very important role in an apprenticeship system.

For employers, apprenticeship makes good business sense.

Training an apprentice means a better return on your investment

  • For every $1 an employer invests on an apprentice, the average return is $1.47 across 21 trades.
  • Revenue generated by an apprentice exceeds the total training costs.
  • The net benefit of an apprentice in training increases each year over the course of the apprenticeship.

Hiring a local apprentice is less expensive than hiring from abroad

  • Temporary foreign workers cost $5K-$20K per person per year, whereas hiring an apprentice would increase net return by the second year.

Training an apprentice means more productivity and fewer mistakes

  • Apprentices are more loyal to the company, which increases retention.
  • Apprenticeship creates a sustainable workforce cycle (senior employee passing on the knowledge to the apprentice).
  • Employers estimate a “homegrown” journeyperson is 29% more productive than a journeyperson trained elsewhere.

Available tax credits and government grants makes training an apprentice more affordable