Commission Regulation Amendments

SATCC wishes to announce a number of small amendments to the Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission Regulations, in response to Trade Board requests and current practices.

Some of these amendments affect certain designated trades and sub-trades, and include:

  •  The Hydraulic Crane Operator sub-trade and the Tower Crane Operator sub-trade have both become full, interprovincial “Red Seal” journeyperson trades. The amendments to the regulation mirror this.
  •  The Hoist Operator sub-trade, which has been inactive for some time, is no longer available for certification.
  •  The Heavy Duty Mechanic Trade has been renamed to the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician trade to match the interprovincial name.
  • The term of apprenticeship in the Ironworker Reinforcing Rebar trade is changed from three years to two years to match interprovincial standards.
  •  Apprentices now have four opportunities to pass a written exam, and four opportunities to pass a practical exam.

See the legislation.