The SATCC is working hard to ensure that people find success in the apprenticeship program. We’re continuing to work from the success of the pilot of Accuplacer and are happy to let you know funding and procedures are in place to help new apprentices.

It is now offering access to Accuplacer/MyFoundationsLab. Through computer-based skill assessments and online learning, it helps people to update their literacy and math skills. People will be referred to Accuplacer MyFoundationsLab by the SATCC’s Assessment Unit. Most commonly, clients who do not have the necessary entrance requirements or need to upgrade various skills during technical training will be referred to the program.

An Accuplacer diagnostic assessment will take place for each individual. Following that, a personalized learning path, which includes a variety of interactive learning activities to teach and reinforce skills (MyFoundationsLab), will be provided for a fee of $25 effective October 1, 2016. Those who successfully complete the program will have higher basic skills, which will allow them to enter into or continue in apprenticeship.