Amendment to Registration Process for Employees Working in Compulsory Trades

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The SATCC has made an amendment to the registration process for employees hired into the compulsory trades.

As of September 1, 2021, the SATCC requires employers to register employees when they are initially hired into the compulsory trades. A completed Application for Registering an Apprentice Contract (Form 1) and Contract between an Apprentice and Employer (Form A) will be required by the employee’s first day of employment in a compulsory trade. This new process also applies to any current employees working in the compulsory trades who are not yet registered.

The $200 fee to indenture will not be required at the time of registration, however, it will be required within six months of the registration date for those in compulsory trades.

Registration marks the beginning of one-half of the number of hours in an apprenticeship year (approximately six months or 900 hours) an employee is permitted to work in a compulsory trade as outlined in The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Regulations, 2020 before becoming indentured.

This registration process allows the SATCC to identify those individuals who intend to become indentured and will give the SATCC the ability to effectively monitor the number of hours an employee is working in a compulsory trade before becoming indentured. It also helps ensure that everyone on site in a compulsory trade is either registered with the SATCC; an indentured apprentice; or a certified journeyperson.

For more information regarding the registration process for employees working in compulsory trades, clients are encouraged to contact us toll-free: 1-877-363-0536 or via email: [email protected]