Apply for Assessment

See a sample of how to complete a Form 7 here.

Evidence Requirements

Complete a trade specific Form 6A. This can be found by clicking on the Designated Trades page. Choose your trade, and then click on the Form 6A at the bottom.

Also provide any other documentation you have, including:

  • International credential
  • International transcript
  • Prior learning transcript

Employer letters

Self-employed applicants:

  • Business License
  • Form 6A – signed by a Commissioner for Oaths

If you are former Canadian Military Personnel, please click here for more information.

See a sample of how to complete a Form 6A here.

Verification Process

Verification of hours, dates and tasks performed will be completed for each employer Form 6A submitted.

Assessment Process

Document of evidence will be assessed against the National Occupational Analysis for your trade.  The documents will be assessed for a minimum of 70% scope of the trade. 

The requirements are available to view through the Red Seal website. Click on your trade and then click on “Occupational Standards.”

Once assessment is complete a letter of results will be sent by mail. Assessment of your application can take up to 14 business days.

Results Letter

Once the assessment of the application and evidence is completed each individual will receive a letter of results.  The letter of results will be one of the following:

  • Approved – apply for exam.
  • Additional information is required – the letter will ask for additional information to complete the assessment of the application.
  • Not eligible – the letter will explain why your application is not eligible to challenge the trade qualifier exam.

Internationally Trained Workers who have received an approval letter and are
working in one of the compulsory trades (Construction Electrician, Plumber, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic or Sheet Metal Worker):

Must submit a Form A and SATCC will issue an “International Trained Workers Plan” and “special permit card” to work in the trade.

See a sample of how to complete a Form A here.

More information and useful links for international workers:

  1. IMMSKILLS:  The SATCC and the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation (CITREC) have signed a partnership agreement to offer Skilled Trade Assessment for Foreign-Trained nationals. CITREC through its partnership with SATCC, will be offering  the Skilled Assessment Service  in foreign countries under the IMMSKILLS brand.  More information.
  2. Getting Licensed in a Regulated Occupation – Process Map
  3. Now Easier for Immigrants to get Licensing Information
  4. Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)
  5. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Service Canada)
  6. Working in Saskatchewan
  7. Immigration Options for Skilled Tradespersons: The New Federal Skilled Trades Program

Apply for Examination

To apply for an exam, please mail your completed package, including the following:

To see a sample of how to complete a Form 2, click here.

Trade requirements and study information for the exam are found on the Designated Trades page. Choose your trade, and click on “Interprovincial Journeyperson Examination Information” at the bottom.

Resources for exams can also be found through the Red Seal website.

Additional Information: