Relevance 2017

Are you planning your career? Relevance magazine is an annual publication providing career and labour market information in Saskatchewan. Check out the 2017 edition.

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  1. Respected Sir / Madam,

    With reference to your website for Apprenticeship and integrated degree program [Industrial Mechanic (Millwright)].

    Any foreign candidate apply for that ? If yes then what is the process and requirements ?

    My profile is below,

    I have total more than 6 years experience working In Anupam-Mitsubishi Heavy Ind. Ltd. Product of company is High speed Port Crane like RMQC, RTGC & RMGC in various types of size and capacity.

    At Anupam-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited, my concentration on to maintain quality as per customer requirement also handles third party inspection, Vendor/Supplier Development/Inspection and manage my team. We are monitoring on Fabrication, Machining & Galvanizing Processes. I have knowledge about ASME, AWS D1.1, and Using Welding Gauges for Fabrication Process. PPAP, SPC, MSA, FMEA, Control Plan, Quality Plan, 8D, Corrective Action Preventive Action and Using Instruments for measurement for machined component & Visual and Testing for Galvanized Product as per code.

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Patel Akash Nayneshkumar
    (+91 85113 87962)
    (+91 88666 52109)

  2. send a few copies of relevance 2017 magazine

    301 – 2555 grasswood road
    Saskatoon, sask
    S7T 0K1

    thank you

  3. Hello Sir,

    Using the “Trade-Qualifier-Application-Process”, are we (Intending Immigrants -e.g from Nigeria with Heavy Duty Diesel Equipment Tech experience) going to undertake our past work experience Assessment and Verification through IMMSkills of Vancouver?

    Thanks for answer.

    1. It is difficult to answer your question without understanding your intentions. Can you please clarify your plans, and then we will respond with appropriate information.

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