Mobile Crane Operator Trades

Mobile Crane Operator, Mobile Crane Operator (Hydraulic) and Tower Crane Operator were three of the first ten trades involved in the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) Harmonization Initiative project.

Following harmonization consultations across Canada, it is being recommended that Mobile Crane Operator will be the only mobile crane operator trade in Saskatchewan, with Boom Truck Operator ‘A’ and Boom Truck Operator ‘B’ as it’s subtrades.

Apprentices interested in the Mobile Crane Operator (Hydraulic) and sub-trade Lattice Boom Crane Operator at this time should please see the Mobile Crane Operator page instead.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-363-0536.

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  1. Hello,
    I have a Alberta journeyman boom truck certificate and a BC certificate. What do I need to work a boom truck in.Saskastchewan.
    Barry Fox

    1. Hi Barry. While Boom Truck Operator is not a compulsory trade in Saskatchewan, there are certainly advantages in holding the certification as well as possibly requirements with employers. If you contact us at Sask Apprenticeship (1-877-363-0536), we will verify your certificate with the originating province.

  2. Hello I’m wondering when the next electrical trade apprenticeship will be ?
    I have a wiring certificate from a French company what can I do ?
    Thank you

  3. I am enrolled in the boomtruck operator apprenticeship have more hours than enuff to get level one also have tons of mobile experience on rt cranes but have been laid off why can’t I take the tests to complete

    1. Hi Travis. Please call our office toll-free at 1-877-363-0536 to review and discuss your apprenticeship. Thank you.

  4. What’s the difference between the mobile crane certification and my red seal journeyman hydraulic certification?

    1. Hi Catlin. Mobile Crane Operators operate many types of hoisting equipment to move, place and position items. Mobile Crane Operators (Hydraulic) operate many types of hydraulically-driven hoisting devices to move, place and position items. For more information on these trades, please visit our Designated Trades pages at Thank you.

  5. I have 15 yrs and about 18,000 hrs running an overhead cab crane in a lead (pb) refinery. This was all in-house training. Would these hours and experience help to start an apprenticeship or could I just do a competentcy test?

    1. Hello, you will need to call us toll-free – 1-877-363-0536 – to discuss your individual situation. Ask for the Assessment Unit. Thanks

  6. Hi I’m interested in taking an apprenticeship in this trade always interested me I’ve spent 11 years in the oil patch al mostly trucking
    How do I get started in a apprenticeship

    1. Hello, please refer to our “Workers” web page, under the “What is apprenticeship” tab. The steps to get started are listed. Here’s a direct link: If you haven’t already done so, you may also want to review all the details of the Mobile Crane trade as listed in the Designated Trades Section here: . If you have any other questions, please call us toll-free at 1-877-363-0536. Good luck on your new adventure.

  7. What certification is required in Saskatchewan to operate a truck mounted mobile crane (equipped with spool and cable) rated at 40 ton capacity? Is there a short course available or does this require an apprenticeship?

  8. I would like clarification on the classing of the boom tucks to mobile crane. Your web site does not explain either. If I own a 80 ton Terex picker/crane, and have it mounted on a twin steer tri-drive cab and chassis. Is this consider a mobile crane or does this fall into your boom truck B classification. In this case if I have a journey man heavy boom truck ticket, can I operate this piece of equipment legally and with the boundaries to be protected criminally from your laws and regulations with in your province. Or do I need a mobile crane operators red seal journey man ticket.


    1. Good morning,

      Thanks for your inquiry. We are going to have our Director of Program Development email you to follow up on this.

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