1. If the tradesperson is not successful on his or her first attempt, he or she must wait a period of three months before the next examination attempt. He or she can apply right away, but must choose a date off the examination schedule not less than three months from the date of the previous exam attempt:
    1. Form 2 – Application for Examination
    2. Exam Fee – $100 for a written examination and/or $160 for the practical examination
  2. If the tradesperson is not successful on the second or subsequent exam attempt, he or she will need to request upgrading before the next examination attempt and submit:
    1. Form 4 – Request for Upgrading Evaluation and $100.00 processing fee. Once completed, he/she will then apply for the next examination attempt.
    2. Form 2 – Application for Examination and $100.00 processing fee for written examination and/or $160.00 processing fee for practical examinations.