Blaine Braun became an Employer Representative for the Construction sector April 5, 2017. He has been working in the trades for many years, but did not get involved in an apprenticeship program until he joined Flynn.

“Here I was enrolled as an apprentice in Architectural Sheet Metal and the apprenticeship program was being offered through the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (British Columbia) at that time. It was tailored to focus on building envelope, roofing and sheet metal details. I truly enjoyed my time performing this work. While it was my goal to achieve journeyperson status, I was offered a roofing superintendent position with Flynn Vancouver in 2011, which did not allow me to return to school. In June of 2016, I transferred to Regina to take on the role of Roofing Manager at the Regina branch.”

“One thing that I noticed when I came to Saskatchewan last year is that due to low enrollment, there was no provincial training provider. Fortunately, a new service provider has recently been secured. I believe that apprenticeship is one of the vehicles to creating high quality tradespersons. I envision a program within Saskatchewan that provides the highest quality training for our apprentices. It should be up to date with all of the manufacturer’s recommended details and conform to the latest in building envelope design. Although I am specifically concerned about the trade that I manage here, these principals are transferrable among all of the trades. Our expectation of apprenticeship training should be that it provides the best opportunity for success with highest quality outcome for our men and women.”

Blaine resides in White City with his wife Kristina, daughter Madeline and their yellow lab, Rudy.