Are you an apprentice? Voice your opinion!

e-panel-poster2Are you an apprentice? Come voice your opinion and share your experiences.

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum has created a free online panel. Through the panel, apprentices can share their view with industry, talk about experiences, influence public policy on the skilled trades, and suggest supports and resources to help other apprentices.

Apprentices will be asked to complete a few short surveys each year. Respondents are eligible to win gifts such as free iPads.

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  1. I do not know why the apprenticeship and trade do not sent me to school when I have the hours required for the next level in the trade? I have been in the trade on and off for 15 years and until now I have not finished my apprenticeship. I would like to know why they do not help me in this matter.

    1. if you have been off of your actual trade for more than two years then I believe they consider you as a non active apprentice. you have to keep with your trade and make hours. you also have to keep sending in your hours, in order for you to have and to keep those hours. after that the apprenticeship board keeps track of who has their hours and the people with most hours get first pick at school. hope this helps.

    2. Hi,

      I have been trying to talk to my coordinator for 2 days and I left a massage for her, but she has not called me back. As mentioned before, I have been trying to finish my schooling in the electrical trade for 16 years and when I have the hours no chance to go to school. Last time they review my file they told me the only way to go to school for the second time in year is to put your name in the short waiting list and I did.
      The customer services is not that good and I do not know where to go and complain about it .


    3. Hi, I would like to know where to go to be able to file a complain about the apprenticeship and trade?


  2. I’ve been doing line work for 2 years,an industrial maintence an electric for over 18 years. I have my appretice electricians license. Do I still have to have more schooling to get my appretice lineman certificate

    1. Hi Jimmie. Please call our toll-free number at 1-877-363-0536 and ask to speak with someone in the Assessment Unit to discuss your situation. Thanks.

  3. Hello sir

    My name is sreenath from Manitoba working as chef in a restaurant .I got my level 1 from fraser valley university and I PASSED .I DID MY LEVEL 2 FRom Vancouver community college but didn’t pass the practicals passed theory only .Is it possible to challenge a red seal from saskatwan ,and I have plan to move to nipawin ,near Saskatoon.I don’t want to go to school again because I have family and kids .please let me know

    1. Dear Sreenath:

      To be eligible to challenge the Red Seal Cook exam you would be required to submit 4 1/2 years and 8,100 hours of cook experience, which would need to be signed off by each employer. Please visit our website and under the “Workers” tab click on “Trade Qualifiers.” This page provides a step by step direction on how to apply and complete the forms. Best wishes.

  4. I graduated from saist and I have being working as a welder I have the 2nd year apprenticeship card but I get laidoff from my work since then I can’t get a job as employers prefer people with no apprenticeship or school.I paid money to learn if I can’t get a job and employer can’t hire me .any idea if you guys thinking about this problem

    1. We encourage employers to hire and train apprentices, and believe that the system is a good way for people working in the skilled trades to achieve journeyperson status. That being said, the employer’s role in the apprenticeship system is important. It is unfortunate you had a bad experience. The first step is finding employment again. We recommend visiting and searching “welder.”

  5. Hi, I am currently an African and still in my country. Would however be moving to Saskatchenwa before the end of this year and I am interested in the Apprenticeship Construction Electrician. I have a Bsc, an Mba as well as a professional certificate.
    Going by the steps I read on the site guide:

    Must I get an Employer before I commence this program? Because, all the employers in the Job search are requesting for 1st, 2nd or 3rd level Apprenticeship. How is one expected to achieve this with Employer not willing to take a fresher.

    What if I get just any job within the said Organization, will I be able to convince my Employer, this was the motive of getting the job? Is it doable?

    To reiterate, is their no community service or program that could assist in place of an Employer to avert unnecessary time wasting?


    1. The Construction Electrician trade is a compulsory trade in Saskatchewan. Therefore, to work in the trade you are required to be a Journeyperson OR be a registered apprentice working in Saskatchewan. Please review our website under “Worker” and “Trade Qualifier.” It provides the step by step process for Trade Qualifiers who want an assessment completed on their international credentials.

      Please note: To be eligible for an Assessment in the Construction Electrician trade, you first must be a Journeyperson from your home country and have 4 years and 7,200 hours of construction electrician work experience.

      Melody Burzminski
      Manager Trades Assessment Unit
      Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission
      Telephone: 306-787-5996

  6. I am finishing my 2nd yr, heavy duty technician hours.I am wondering if I could work in another province, while still be attaining my hours through the sask.apprenticeship…., the reason is that I am not receiving the varied experience working on heavy equipment or any repair. Currently I am parts replacer. And work mostly on trucks. I am getting my hours for my apprenticeship, just not the experience required.
    I would be interested in working in Ontario! What advice?
    Or just call the apprenticeship board as required response?

    1. Hi Terry, you will need to submit a Form A (Contract) with your new employer. If this employer is from out of province, we would then contact the apprenticeship board of that province and request approval for you to work there. If for some reason your request was declined by that province, you would need to transfer your apprenticeship there. If you have any further questions, please call our office toll-free at 1-877-363-0536. Best wishes.

  7. Hi.i am commercial concrete entry level,do I really needs to have apprentice and
    if I want how can I join

  8. Hi,
    I’m an immigrant with a college degree obtained from outside of Canada, electrical engineering to be specific, would i get any credit if let say an employer get me registered as an apprentice in construction electrician trade? Does assessment done on my credentials by a technical association or other professional regulating body matter on your own assessment or not at all? How much credit does someone with related education could get towards apprenticeship level? Thank you

  9. Can employers refuse to let you go to school when you have been called to go and have accepted and paid tuition? I am wondering because of EI — I read that in order to claim EI as an apprentice one “has to stop working to attend training.” Under most situations the employer would ‘layoff’ the employee so the employee could attend. However, if an employer refuses to let one go to school and they go anyway, I am curious what would happen in that situation.

    1. There are always a number of variables in every situation and it is difficult to provide one answer without all the details. As an apprentice, you have the choice whether or not to attend technical training when called. In most cases, as per the “Form A – Contract Between Apprentice and Employer,” employers have agreed to permit the apprentice to attend technical training, but we work with each employer to accommodate their needs. Occasionally though, there may be specific labour market reasons that make it difficult to release the apprentice for training at that time. Therefore, we strongly recommend the apprentice and the employer work together to discuss it, and also talk to the Training Coordinator about training dates. Ultimately, it will be the employers decision on how to proceed. You would need to discuss EI eligibility with Employment and Social Development Canada to review your work history (1-800-206-7218).

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