Apprenticeship in Action – Spring 2016 edition

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  1. Hi, my name is Josef Pavlik. I’m very interested in your apprenticeship program and also jobs available to help me succeed in this program. As I understand, you do need a job before hand to qualify. My wife is in the suntep program in Regina and I would love to relocate with her and my children and in need of a career change. Please get back to me via email or by calling 306 314 3976 Thank You

    1. Hello. They way apprenticeship works is you need to find an employer who is willing to hire and train you, and sign you up as an apprentice. At that point, the two of you sign a contract which is registered with us. We then monitor your progress on the job. When it’s time, we will then send you to technical training. To learn more about apprenticeship, please review this page on our website, or call us toll-free at 1-877-363-0536. . You may also want to look for an employer by visiting SaskJobs at

  2. I an varun kumar from India .I have two years diploma in electrician. And 9 years experience in electrician field.I am interest in apprenticeship your company please send detail

  3. Hi, My name is Pranav. I completed my diploma in Mechanical technician program from a college in Ontario. I would like to move to Regina and want to apply for apprenticeship . How would I know about the companies in Regina where I can do apprenticeship ? Thanks.

    1. Hello. More information about apprenticeship and our designated trades can be found on our website and this is a good summary brochure: . You will also need to review our trades assessment information: Finally, you need to find an employer who agrees to hire and train you. We do not provide a job matching service. A good place to look for jobs is at Good luck.

  4. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from India. Am now in Saskstoon as PR. Can i applied for any of your apprenticeship programme.


    1. Hello and welcome. With apprenticeship, you first need to decide on a skilled trade you are interested in. Then find an employer who agrees to hire and train you as an apprentice, and signed a contract with them. A good place to begin to understand the process is to review a pamphlet called What is Apprenticeship. It describes the trades and process to apply. Please note that we do not help people find jobs. For that, a place to start is or just approach employers you are interested in. Best wishes.

  5. where i can get the text book for preparation of Journey Man Plumber exam please help me out

    1. The plumber trade is a compulsory trade in Saskatchewan. That means that you must be a registered apprentice in order to work in the trade. Text book information is supplied to apprentices at their technical training. If you are coming from another country, please refer to our Trade Qualifier page or get in touch with the Assessment Unit by calling 1-877-363-0536. Additional information on the trade can be found on our website at . Thank you.

  6. Hi there! Question for you guys. I came to Canada couple year ago . I’m a permanent resident now fully legal in this beautiful country.
    At work they want me to start this apprenticeship program and became a journey man later on.
    Only problem I didn’t finish high school. And I dont have any diploma. Is that’s problem? Can I get in?

    1. Hello and welcome to Canada. This is a very exciting opportunity for you. Since you have stated that you are a new resident and did not finish high school, you need to email our Assessment Unit with your contact information and trade you want to registered into. They will need to assess your knowledge and skills to be able to give you the information you need to get started. Please email them at . We also have a toll-free number – 1-877-363-0536. Thanks and best wishes.

  7. Hello im Raymond. I’m a permanent resident immigrant. Currently employed here at Saskatoon. I want to be a milwright. I just want to know if im qualify to go apprentiship program and needed requirments, my employer thinking to endenture me to be milwright. Honestly i dont have any idea how the process goes. I do appreciate if you can give some guide lines or Advice where to start. Thank you

    1. Hello, the best thing to do is to call us toll-free at 1-877-363-0536 and speak to someone in the Assessment Unit. Best wishes.

  8. hi,
    i am 33 years old,i have 3 years bechalor degree in education{b.ed} and two years relevant experiance in teacging of english,as a private school teacher
    do i qualify for this apprenticeship program plz advise…..

    1. Hello, apprenticeship is process of skills training where a person learns the skills of a trade while on the job and working under the supervision of an expert. For more information about what apprenticeship please read You would need to find a skilled trade you are interested in, then find an employer willing to hire and train you and sign a contract of apprenticeship. As well, if you aren’t from Saskatchewan, please review this page: Good luck.

  9. Sir, I am a multi-skilled truck and transport mechanic holder of 3 years diploma in mechanical engineering having 15 years of good all-round technical and mechanical expertise.
    I am o SINP nominee whose file for immigration to canada is lying with Canada Embassy New Delhi.
    I hope to get visa for Canada very soon.
    my query:
    (1) Should I get Verification of job experience (Form 6 A) from my Indian employers as per form 6-A specimen.
    (2) Should I fill and send the Trade Qualifier Application (Form-7) to SATC for assessment.

    1. Yes have your employers complete and sign the Form 6a’s and provide a letter with a phone number and email address verifying employment for each employer. You may apply with a Form 7 to be assessed and, if you are eligible, you will be able to write the Interprovincial Journeyperson exam when you are in Saskatchewan. If you have any further questions you may email:

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