Apprentice Survey: Share Your Experiences with the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is a non-profit organization promoting apprenticeship training across Canada. To better understand the experiences of apprentices in block-release technical training, the Forum is conducting a brief online survey (approx. 10 minutes). Results are anonymous and the privacy of all respondents will be protected. Respondents will be entered into a draw for a free iPad.

To complete the survey, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Arrowsmith at the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum at 613-235-4004 Ext 201 or

14 Comments on “Apprentice Survey: Share Your Experiences with the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum”

  1. We are just starting our son just finished the Youth Apprentice. Loved that they students have a start to the program.

    1. Thanks for your comment, January. We’re so glad that your son had a good experience with the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship program!

  2. Is the survey complete now, or is there still time to submit info…Northern personnel usually don’t get a lot of information such as this, unless a strong promo was done via schools, colleges to get info through

  3. Our son recently finished his journeyman carpenter. Laid off and now working on his scaffolding ticket. Why does he have to re-write Year 1 and Year 2 of scaffolding exam when the first 2 years of both these programs are the same?

    1. If your son is an apprentice, please have him contact our assessment unit at or toll free 1-877-363-0536.

      Carpenter technical training is not the same as the Scaffolder technical training. Once the individual is approved as an apprentice in the Scaffolder subtrade they can apply to challenge the Level 1 placement examination with a Form 2 – Application for Examination and $100.00 fee. If successful, they can then apply to challenge the Level 2 placement examination with the same form and fee. Levels 3 and 4 technical training would be mandatory.

  4. Dear Sirs/Madam,

    My name is Vu. I am 35 years old. I have planed to apply the International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry. And I would like to improve my score by Trade Certificate (equivalent to Saskatchewan journey person and approved by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission). Please kindly advise me how can I do it.
    My job is IT and I am ready to join the Saskatchewan journey for technical training.

    I am looking for your advice soon.

    Quang Vu Nguyen

    1. Hello. IT is not a designated trade in Saskatchewan, therefore Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission has no information regarding this. Please look at the Designated Trades page on our website: If you have experience in one of these designated trades, you can apply to have your qualifications assessed. Please see the Trades Qualifier page for more information:

  5. Sir, I am a SINP nominee ,without job offer, under trade Truck and transport mechanic having 15 years full time, technical and mechanical expertise. My file for permanent residency to Canada is with Canadian embassy New Delhi India which is expected very soon.
    Can I send form 7 and form 6-A ., duly completed, alongwith educational certificate, necessary fee etc. to SATC from my country ie INDIA for their assessment and issue of necessary journeyman certificate / certified trade person.
    A) Should I email scanned copies of relevant documents to SATC.
    B) Should I send hard copies through courier.
    Please guide me.
    Thanks in anticipation

  6. Hi i am a registered apprentice with sask apprenticeship. I have done 2 levels of Plumbing and was on the fast track to journeyman status. I currently have 5000 hours. However when i came back to work, my employer has told me theres no work and has hired 2 more guys. He has remained working since and hasnt stopped. Is there any available resources i can utilize to help me to find work after forced out of the trade by own employer? It would seem i was terminated without a reason and was just handed my roes and t4s with not so much as a bye. I am really distraught as approaching new employers is a struggle, they are often left wondering why i did not continue with my employer. As soon as i explain it to them they are immediately dismayed. I am having a hard time finding work, I really wish there was more i can do about this unfair treatment without jeopardizing everyones current working situation.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I lives in Nigeria as a trained plumber acquired Plumbing Trade Test Certificate from Nigeria with level 1,2 & 3 while I had vocational certificate in plumbing from Nigeria and IELTS CLB 5.0 with 5 years experience.
    Meanwhile, I have open profile on oasis SINP OID.
    What are the other supporting documents needed apart the aboved before submission.

    Best Regards
    Ojo Babatunde Peter

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