Commission Board

Saskatchewan’s Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Act 1999 establishes the Commission as a Corporation and Agent of the Crown.  A Board of twenty or fewer members are appointed by the Provincial Government.  The majority of the members of the Board are selected by industry, equally representing employers and employees.  The Commission Board also has representation from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the Provincial Government and equity groups.  The Commission reports to a Minister of the Provincial Government who is responsible for the administration of the Act.  In 2012, this became the Minister of the Economy.

The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Act 1999 authorizes the Commission to manage the Apprenticeship and Trade Certification system.

The Commission:
  • designates trades for apprenticeship training and certification;
  • generates, retains and expends revenues;
  • registers apprentices and journeypeople, monitoring their training and providing certification of skill levels achieved;
  • determines and charges fees for products and services;
  • enters into agreements for training delivery; and
  • represents Saskatchewan on interprovincial initiatives.

The Act gives the Commission the authority to make regulations to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the apprenticeship system to meet the needs of industry in a timely manner.

The Act also ensures accountability to both industry and government. Read more about the SATCC Board Policies and Board Terms of Reference.


COMMISSION BOARD MEMBERS (effective October 26, 2016):

Commission Board Chairperson Drew Tiefenbach
Commission Board Vice-Chairperson Bryan Leier
Agriculture, Tourism and Service Sector
Employees Karen Zunti
Employers Joe Kleinsasser
Construction Sector
Employees vacant
Jeff Sweet
Wayne Worrall
Doug Christie
Rhonda Hipperson
Drew Tiefenbach
Production and Maintenance Sector
Employees Lorne Andersen
Employers Brian Marshall
Motive Repair Sector
Employees Tim Earing
Employers Bryan Leier
Persons with Disabilities
Doug Mitchell
First Nations Leonard Manitoken
Métis Brett Vandale
Northern Saskatchewan Al Loke
Women in Trades Roxanne Ecker
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Terry Parker
Ministry of the Economy Alastair MacFadden
Ministry of Education vacant


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